Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flat Rock 10k Trail Race - 2 days out

Starting to look forward to this Saturday morning and the Trail 10k I'll be running here locally in Flat Rock Park. It's being put on by, our local run shop, and promises to be pretty sweet. This will be the first non-marathon/ultramarathon distance race I've run in at least a year.

I haven't run at Flat Rock before, but our oldest son, Josh did some of last seasons cross country practice runs there. It's funny, but the race advertisements call it "trail racing", but after a few ultras, I find it pretty humorous that a dirt road is now considered a "trail". No bother, I'm looking forward to seeing how many other racers show up, and seeing what I can squeeze out with a shorter distance race. Even though I don't think this is anything close to technical terrain, I doubt this will be a PR-level race venue, but I could be wrong. And rest assured, I'll put in a PR caliber effort - yeah, baby!

Oh, and I just happened to stumble across mention of the fact that Elite Racing's Rock n Roll Marathon race series is now hosting a stop in Savannah later this year. May be able to swing over to the coast and run along the river. I haven't run one of the R n R races since my wife and I ran Nashville back in 2005, I think. Anyone run any of them recently? 

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  1. Good luck with the 10K...still need to find a race of that length to do this year :).