Sunday, April 3, 2011

As quickly as it began, it has nearly ended

This is a real shocker to me, but the Barkley Marathon has managed to whittle away all runners except one, going into Loop 4. As I mentioned in the last post, this race is the most brutal race in the United States, and it literally eats the worlds' finest runners and spits out their battered bodies somewhere near the yellow gate.

From Matt Mahoney's unofficial Barkley site, check out the stats of the poor souls that were brave(or stupid) enough to attempt this monster:

The conch sounded at 12:07 AM EDT, Sat. Apr. 2, 2011. The race started one hour later. laz warned it could happen.

Weather: a thunderstorm at 4 AM with rain, hail, snow, lightning. Clear skies and high 30's to 60's for loops 2-4. Thunderstorms possible for loop 5. Unofficial partial results after first 35 hours...

Start: 1:07 AM EDT, Sat. Apr 2, 2011

Loop 1 (20 miles, cutoff 13:20) A storm around 4 AM.
Alan Abs              9:14:13
Bret Maune            9:14:15
Carl Laniak           9:18:47
Henry Wakley          9:18:47
Travis Wildeboer      9:36:59
Byron Backer         10:01:56
Blake Wood           10:26:55
Rob Youngren         10:52:35
DeWayne Satterfield  10:52:37
Timothy Dine         11:41:16
Frozen Ed Furtaw     12:11:02
Abi Meadows          12:33:42
Bill Losey           12:37
Mike Bur             12:37
Christian Mauduit    13:07:50
Jason Barringer      finished, quit
Marco                finished, quit
Steve Durbin         missed cutoff, 17 hrs, punctured elbow
Charles Raffensburger missed cutoff, 19 hrs
Allan Holtz          missed cutoff, 20 hrs
Bob Haugh            missed cutoff, 20 hrs
Joe Ninke            missed cutoff, 23:31
Cheryl Lager         missed cutoff, 23:31
Mike O'Melia         quit at top of Rat Jaw
Stu Gleman           first to quit, 4 hrs

Loop 2 (40 miles, cutoff 26:40) Clear, 40's to 60's.
Alan Abs             19:24
Bret Maune           19:24
Travis Wildeboer     20:27
Carl Laniak          20:27
Blake Wood           22:43:38
Henry Wakely         finished, quit
Byron Backer         26 hrs, quit
Christian Mauduit    missing pages at 26:38
Joe Decker           quit at top of Rat Jaw, 19 hrs
DeWayne Satterfield  quit at top of Rat Jaw, 21:47
Robert Youngren      quit at top of Rat Jaw, 21:47
Frozen Ed Furtaw     quit at top of Rat Jaw, 26 hrs
Iso Yucra            quit at book 3 (Stallion Mt), 18 hrs
Timothy Dine         quit at book 3, 18 hrs
Hiram Rogers         quit at book 3, 18 hrs
Chip Tuthill         quit at book 3, 18 hrs
Carl Asker           quit at book 2 (Garden Spot), 18:18
Bill Goodwine        quit at book 1 (Phillips Creek), 16:40
Kent Moeller         quit at book 1, 16:40
Sue Thompson         quit at book 1, 18:20
Paul Lefelhocz       quit at book 1, 18:20

Loop 3 (60 miles, cutoff 40:00 for fun run, 36:00 to continue)
Bret Maune           31:51:28
Alan Abs             34:15, quit
Dale Holdaway        quit within a few minutes
10 starters

Loop 4 (80 miles, cutoff 48:00)
Bret Maune has started at about 33:20



  1. Man, that's insane...You know you're in trouble when you pull out because of a punctured elbow...That's some crazy course for sure.

  2. Crikey! Bret Maune just finished his 5th loop, becoming the 10th finisher ever. Next year-it's going to get REALLY hard!