Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Passing it on to the next generation

I have been searching for a photo for my wife, which is no small task. We have nearly 10,000 digital photos stored on an external USB drive, and they contain many, many pics of the boys and us on various adventures around the southeastern United States.

I stumbled across this one, and I remember this one particularly. This is an annual 5k race held in August here in in Georgia. It is held around 7:00 PM and the temps are usually around 92 degrees at race start. Add to that fact a very hill-laden course, and perspiration is a given. Our three boys, post-race, lovin' life !

Did I mention that Nathan's Hot Dogs is a race sponsor? You, of course, get free hot dogs after the race....our boys just LOVE free food....

If you look closely, you can the  "Runners Only" sign in the window. Passing it on to our next generation.

Go get em guys, hot dogs and all...


  1. Those are awesome pictures. Memories that you cherish now and that your boys will cherish later when they look back at hot weather, sweaty races and free hot dogs!!