Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Looking for a new pair of kicks

It seems like I just started running in the Asics 3010's that I ordered, but 370 miles have somehow slipped by while running in them. Soooooooo, it's time for me to find my next pair of shoes that will take me into Spring.

A couple of options that I'm bouncing back and forth:
  • Brooks Trance 9 - This is a solid contender. Great stability, cushioning is spot-on, and the shoe profile is lesser than what I've run in before. I've tried revious models on before, and they just didn't fit the bill for me, but the newest 9 looks to improve on what was already a solid stability shoe.
  • Asics 2150 - The Asics 21XX model line and myself have some serious history together. I've been running in this shoe series since it was the 2130 model, and I couldn't begin to count how many pairs I've run into the ground. Fantastic shoe. Great durability, too. The 2150 rates better than even the 2140 did, so this is a definite player.
  • Asics Kayano 16 - Again, I've got history with this model as well. My first Kayano was the 14, and I loved it. (In fact, I still run in from time to time). That original pair are still in the stable and a go-to shoe on rainy days. I've got nearly 500 miles in it now, so it's life is depleted. A replacement may be the ticket.
  • Mizuno Nirvana - Maybe. Not much experience with Mizuno aside from two pair of Renegade III's I ran in back in the day.
Still doing the research on each, and I'll have to find one soon. I'll keep you posted on which I finally choose.

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  1. Good luck finding the right shoe. Hopefully which ever shoe you choose will fit like a glove and leave your feet happy!