Sunday, February 21, 2010

ING announces new corral placements for Atlanta

This is cool news; ING has just announced that they will offer more starting corrals for the Georgia Marathon in 4 weeks. Having run this marathon since its inception 4 years ago, overcrowding in the starting corrals has always been an issue. Having them break the corrals up a bit is a very welcome piece of news to me.

Of course, your corral placement is determined by your estimated completion time for the marathon, and I've been placed in Corral B each year thus far. It's typically worked out fine, but I have found it nearly required to peel out of the Start line at around 6:20/mile pace, and hold that stride until around Mile 2 or so. If you don't/can't do it, the overcrowding in those first couple of miles will definitely slow your movement in a big, big way. Since the first few miles are through the heart of downtown Atlanta, the roads are not terribly wide. With the added corrals (and obviously, less crowding within each), this should make the starting couple of miles much easier to stay on race pace without losing yourself in the throngs of other runners.

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  1. Sounds like a good thing that they're adding additional corrals. I hope you have less crowding and can maintain the pace you want!