Saturday, March 24, 2012

Next race is now on the Schedule

I have been wanting to run this race for at least 4 years and I have finally managed to get registered before it sold out. By all accounts, and by the many, many legendary race reports out on the web, the Twisted Ankle Trail Marathon promises to be an epic battle of stamina, endurance and just plain get-er-doneness.

From the many people that have run this event in the past several years, the RD is somewhat of a sadomasochist. From what I read, she just flat enjoys making people reach the "red line" of their performance band and she then keeps them there for hours. There are no "easy" spots in this race; no "small" climbs; no "little" descents. No, everything about this race is an order of magnitude in difficulty and strain. The first couple of miles see the runners forced to climb "Becky's Bluff" which looks to be around 60 degrees. If you notice the elevation chart below, the course has you either climbing straight up or blazing straight down. Nothing in between.

Sweet, huh?

This one is gonna be fantastic!


  1. Just looking at that elevation chart makes me sweat! You are quite a risk taker doing this one :)!

  2. This looks like an awesome race!! Will have to keep this in mind for a future race. Can't wait to read your recap on this one.

  3. Looks amazing! When is this one?