Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Late Summer vacation, 1,100 step workout and taking the Tuesday 10 miler to "a whole 'nutha level"

We decided to grab one final Summer vacation before school starts back, sowe took off to northern Georgia and the mountains that reside there. With some family living nearby, we planned on stopping by while in the neighborhood. Good times had by all.

One of the coolest things we planned on doing together on this trip was to climb down to the canyon at Tecullah Gorge. Having not been there before, this sounded like high adventure to us all.

High adventure it certainly was.

After the several hour drive from our home to Tecullah, we arrived at the state park and began our climb down to the canyon floor. The trip to the bottom involved multiple switchbacks along the side of the gorge and totalled just under 600 steps.

At the canyon floor, we were treated to beautful views of the towering waterfalls emptying into the basin. Understand that the climb down to this point was a bit tough on the knee joints, but we KNEW the climb back UP the roughly 600 steps was going to be tough. Mind you, we were moving during 90+ degree heat, so sweat was in abundance.

...and then I felt tiny, insignificant little raindrop.

And then, the bottom fell out.

Suffice it to say, the climb back out of the canyon left us soaked to the bone. Our three boys absolutely loved this adventure, and it was pretty cool to be there in the midst of it all. After the rain finally subsided, we were able to get into dry clothes. Much better...

As I continue my build up for the North Face 50 miler in October, my mileage continues to increase. I have suffered no ill effects of the additional training volume and I grow more confident every day, both for the 50 miler as well as my hopeful 100 miler debut in April.

Oh, and we're going all-in starting this week with 10 miler Tuesday's AND Thursday's....


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  2. The gorge sounds amazing, even if it was a little tough on the joints. The rain is what will make you laugh :)!

    10 mile Tues and Thurs - awesome. Glad to hear that you're feeling confident and that your body's feeling good too!

    Some day I may learn how to spell, but don't count on it too soon ;)