Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 miler Tuesday and the ecstasy/exhaustion of going longer

I had a great tempo 10 miler late last night, so my "Tuesday 10" streak lives on ! It feels great to be able to go out and run a nice tempo pace for a solid performance. These workouts are going to provide continued confidence as my training continues to get tougher.

On the subject of tough training, let me say that I am living proof of the benefits and balance that it brings. Without question, my running is getting stronger. I recover much quicker than I ever have before, and find that I have alot more resilience than I had previously thought. I have hard training sessions as well as recovery runs. I go long on the weekends and feel completely recovered within 3-4 hours. In fact, the back to back weekend long runs have proven to be relatively easy to complete. I know that my training plan is working for me, even though it's new territory in terms of mileage.

I will finish up July with around 175 miles of running. I am happy with that. I will run a 24 mile long run on Saturday, and I am excited about that too. We are now leaving the realm of where my marathon training long runs have taken me in the past, and I am okay with it. Anything I do now will only serve to help me on race day. If I can continue making forward progress, I should be standing on the Start line of North Face 50 mile in October, ready to run.


  1. Awesome - it's amazing how much the consistency helps isn't it?

    While I am not really up to your mileage (closer this month, I hope to finish with about 150), I've noticed the consistency bringing strength and quick recovery as well.

    You stay on this track and you're going to have an amazing 50 miler!!!!