Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gear Review: Injinji 3/4 ToeSocks

I've been trying to get caught up on some gear reviews for various pieces of "stuff" that I've picked up in the past few months, and here is a product that I've been using for several years.

Injinji ToeSocks are running socks that provide superior blister protection during a run. Long before Vibram FiveFinger toe shoes were created, Injinji realized the common problem that distance runners suffer from; blistering between the toes due to friction.

Their solution:
Alot of people shy away from the Vibrams simply because of the odd look of the shoe. Let's face it, some people don't like being the center of attention. Sporting a pair of Vibram Bikila's all but assures you of being the center of the conversation as people invariably begin asking you about the "odd looking shoe" on your feet.
The Injinji ToeSocks are obviously invisible to everyone else because they're, well, inside your shoe (duh).

I started using the ToeSocks years ago while training for a marathon. I routinely had to deal with blistering between my big and 2nd toes, and my usual solution was to preventable bandage them prior to the run. While this worked to alleviate the blistering, it was a time consuming task.

ToeSocks were a new product at the time, and I ordered a pair from an online retailer. I decided to try them on a mid distance run of about 12 miles. The first thing I noticed about them was the very unusual way they felt when I managed to get them on. It's hard to explain, but it's a different sensation than wearing a traditional pair of socks. What I discovered on the run several miles later was that the ToeSocks did an incredible job of blister prevention. I didn't even get a hot spot on my formerly blister-prone toes. With that training run complete (and many, many others following), I was sold on Injinji ToeSocks.

Perhaps the only drawback I've discovered with the product is that it may not be ideal for trail running on wet, technical trails. While I never had any problems with the ToeSocks wicking away moisture from my feet during road races (even marathons), a wet, or humid technical trail that subjected your feet to endless amounts of sweat, rain or stream crossings kept the ToeSocks from pulling away the moisture from my feet. A previous 12 miler along technical Pine Mountain Trail yielded quite a few blisters and many hot spots as well. To be fair, I was forced to traverse a half dozen stream crossings, and it was raining a fair amount of the time in the woods, so even the top-notch DryMax socks would have had a hard time keeping my feet dry.

All in all, Injinji ToeSocks are a winning product and worthy of consideration.


  1. I cannot wear things between my toes - it drives me nuts. Guess I'm lucky that I don't get blisters between my toes, only on the bottoms :)!

  2. Amanda Injinji's dont only prevent blisters on the toes. You are probably getting a blister in the bottom because you aren't wearing a moisture wicking sock or you are getting hot spots. Injinji prevents hot spots and uses coolmax. I was the person who said I didnt like anything in between my toes and now all I wear are Injnji's you should definitely try them and you wont feel anything in between your toes after a minute.