Sunday, April 17, 2011

The healing power of lots 'o miles

Have you ever wondered how much money could be made if it could be done? How much someone would be willing to pay to feel it, even for a brief few moments?

I have.

I'm talking about what you and I know as "runners high".

I've read research synopses that indicate that the endorphin-producing chemical processes that take place in the brain of distance runners operates on the same neuroreceptors that cocaine targets in drug addicts.

That finding takes "running addiction" to a new place, doesn't it?

I think runners have long since reached some level of psychological addiction to that feeling experienced during an extreme endurance effort. It's elusive in a way, because it doesn't show up every single run (at least, not for me) and there's no real formula for finding it. It shows up in the most unexpected ways, and in the most unexpected situations. Some of my most memorable times of finding the "runners high" came during runs that I wasn't enjoying one bit. Some were even just plain painful, torturing efforts.

But then it happened... and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Know what I mean? I knew you did.


  1. Probably only experienced this twice since I started running. Yes, it feels great. Would I pay for it? Eh.

  2. I will need a bottle of it on May 1.

  3. I agree, I felt a runners high on Sunday at my race

    Bikers get it too.

    I love the feeling

  4. Hmmm...I sure wish I could get that feeling. I've yet to find it during my runs, but that's okay I still like putting in the miles.