Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some more Sweet H20 50k punishment...

I have been going through some race reports from last years ultra at Sweet H20, you know... just trying to get a good lay of the course. Since I haven't run this course before, I find it to be a BIG help in learning from past experiences of other ultrarunners.

As I have read along on several blogs, I'm getting even more stoked about this race. It's 6 weeks away now, and I'm getting antsy about it already!!

In nor particular order;
The TOP 10 Adjectives used by others to describe the Sweet H20 50k:

10. Pain (this one's pretty self explanatory)
 9.  Suffering (makes sense, right?)
 8.  Unrelenting (hmmm...)
 7.  Unforgiving ("Life is hard. It can be even harder if you're stupid." - John Wayne) nuff said
 6.  Deceptive ("The hill you just suffered up is far easier than the ones that lie ahead." - Race Director
 5.  Punishing
 4.  Technical
 3.  Humbling
 2.  Crippling

A few more pics I scrounged from others' blogs:

Now THAT'S a nasty climb !!


  1. I have to admit...after now having one and only one trail run under my belt...that looks pretty fun. I hope you enjoy the challenge! The next 6 weeks will fly by (as you already know!) and I am so excited to hear about your experience!

  2. Wow - I am sure I would die on that course. Those hills would cripple me for sure.

    I know you'll do great though. It's going to be quite an experience and it'll be great hearing how you feel about the race!