Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Run with Karno

Someone sent me a link to the "Live with Regis" website, where they have apparently begun a promotion with Dean Karnazes. To benefit several children's charities, Karno will run from New York City to the "Live" studios in Hollywood, CA.

Sounds like something Karno would do.

Dean is going to run about 40-50 miles per day for 75 days consecutively in his trek across the country, and here's the cool part: He's going to give people the ability to run a 5k with him as he travels en route to LA. For an entry fee/donation to the charities, you can "Run with Dean".

That's pretty cool.


  1. That is pretty cool and I cannot imagine doing 40-50 days in one day let alone doing it 75 days in a row....CRAZY!