Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pace Group of 1

As I near the Mercedes Marathon this Sunday morning, I had decided to pace with the 3:40:00 pace group up to Mile 22 or so, and then peel off and see how much time I could shave from that point to the Finish line.

Great syrategy, I thought.


I discovered that 3:45:00 is the fastest pace group being offered on race day...


I'm seriously considering creating a 3:40:00 pace group myself. We will see how many peeps are looking for a finish time faster than a 3:45:00


  1. Awesome - do it. Get yourself a nice wooden dowel, a few balloons, a poster board and a sharpie...Instant pace group :)!

  2. Creating your own pace group would be awesome! I agree with Amanda you should do it! Thanks for the input in the marathon. I checked out the Runners World stuff... very cool! Now, I have to have the motivation! I am getting closer! I run my next half next weekend! I am following the Runners World marathon plan right now and I really like it! Hope you have fun running your marathon and you created your own pace group!