Monday, November 8, 2010

Callaway Gardens Twilight 10k Race Report

With the Disney Marathon (Jan 9, 2011) being my goal race for the coming racing season, my training has been revolving around preparation for that race. I found myself wanting to get a decent shakeout race sometime this month, and the Twilight 10k fit the bill perfectly.

Since it's held less than 20 miles from our front door, it's a great race venue. Plus, it's a favorite long-run destination of mine (Callaway Gardens). I've run it each time during the past few years, and it's a simple, sorta-flat 6.2 mile course. Great scenery and about 500 fellow runners made this one I had to race.

I lined up at the race starting area with about 6 minutes to spare (cutting it close, I know...) Ran into a friend of mine from town that is considerably faster than I. Dave runs about 6:20 pace, while I'm closer to 7:15 pace for a 10k race. Somehow, I come up with the idea that I can pace with Dave for the entirety of the 10k. It's only 6.2 miles, right? No big deal. I'll just tuck in behind him and hang on 'til the Finish.

...uh, yeah.

Lined up in the front 5-6 people, the guns goes off, and so do we. I tuck in behind good ole Dave and we're ripping along on our way at about 6:15 pace. After the past couple of tempo runs since Thursday, this pace felt pretty easy, and my spirits were high. Unfortunately, my intellect wasn't running on high at that moment in the race.

Crossed Miles 1 and 2 while still nailing about 6:25 pace for each. I was still tucked behind Dave (this wouldn't last much longer, trust me:)), but I was beginning to remember that my training, unlike Dave's, wasn't for shorter distance races such as this. Dave is a fast guy and runs 5ks and 10ks much faster than I ever have. The reason for this is partially because he's a faster runner, part of it is also due to the fact that he trains at those distances. I came to the sudden realization that I was running Dave's race, not my own. I quickly realized that this was an epic mistake on my part at the start of the race. Rookie mistake to run someone else's race, and I definitely should have known better.

By Mile 3, I was feeling the side effects of running at a pace that was outside my training. That was my classic "dummy moment" for this race.

Long story short, but I finally settled into a 7:15 pace and hung on through Miles 3-6.2 and crossed the Finish line in 44:58 (or something close to it). Since this race didn't use chip/bib timing, the Finish line clock was what was used for results. Not entirely certain as to the accuracy of the time keeping, but no matter. Great race, even after my silly belief that I could run with the front of the pack.

Actually, I DID run with the front of the pack. 

...for 2.5 miles at least...:)


  1. So although it was chip timed if I'm correct as looking at your side bar you just PR'd?! So doesn't sound too dumb to me! Woot woot for you!

  2. Yeah, but you just don't have a good "gut feeling" when you just know the course clock is off, even by a few seconds, you know?

    Thanks for the woot's, though :) I'll take it!

  3. Awesome job!! Congrats on another great race:) thanks for sharing the pictures too!

  4. Doesn't matter how many races you do - it's still easy to be sucked in to someone else's race :)!

    Glad you wised up and still had a great race!