Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fall marathon has been selected and registration is complete

So, for the third consecutive year, my Fall marathon (the first one for the Fall, anyway;)) will be the Ridge to Bridge Marathon in Jonas Ridge, NC on Oct. 30, 2010. There never was any doubt that I would choose another venue, but since I have now registered, I'm completely pumped about being in true "training mode" for this incredible and challenging race in October.

As an out-of-state ambassador of sorts for this race, I HIGHLY encourage you to take a look at this event. If you are in the Southeastern U.S. and are looking for a great race, this is your ticket. My best commentary on this race can be found on the Message Board over at the website above. If you spend a few minutes reading over the comments at MarathonGuide.com, you will also see why so many people love this marathon.

The new training plan continues to go well, and my mileage is definitely on the upward trend. My normal non-peak mileage total for the week is 60, which is a tad more effort than the typical 40 I am accustomed to. But, the only difference I feel is a bit more tightness and tiredness in the quads. Other than that, I feel fantastic going along, and that's a great thing to be able to say.

So far, so good...

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  1. Awesome - a race chosen and registered! That's always a great feeling.

    Glad to hear the training is going well.