Monday, May 20, 2013

Time to see what it's all about... SPARTAN RACE

For a long time now, I have been trying to decide whether I wanted to give one of the nationwide "obstacle races" a go. From the first YouTube video I saw covering one of these obstacle-laden, mud-filled events, I was intrigues, to say the least. But intrigue hasn't been enough to get me out on that course.

Until now.

A coworker of mine has clearly been bitten by the bug that loves the Spartan Race events, and he's a great evangelist for the upcoming sport. After hearing his stories of recent races that were run, I was excited more than I ever thought I would be. His passion for Spartan was intense, genuine and contagious.

He asked me to join him and some buddies on a team slated to run one of the Southeast regions Spartan Races.

I said "yep".

And the Spartans charge into battle for top spot on the leader boards!  #SpartanRace

Next, we pick a date from the Spartan Race website and prepare. Prepare the mind, body and sould for what promises to be a different kind of endurance event. I'm starting to believe what my Spartan Race-friend told me last week: "Be careful, pal. You'll be hooked before you realize it."

I'm starting to believe him...