Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thrashed, Bashed and Crashed at the 2011 Mercedes Marathon

Well, it wasn't really THAT bad..

..not entirely, anyway :)

I'll generate a race report in the next day or so, but the Cliff Notes version is this: I'm going to give you a recipe; no, a formula for race day suffering. And if you follow my formula carefully, you too can realize the fullest potential of pain, suffering and woe available on the course.

I'm such an idiot. You really should feel sorry for me...

For now, my marathon PR stands at 3:43:57 (Disney Marathon)

I ran today's contest in Birmingham in 3:55:03 (or close to it)

Am I disappointed?
Sure I am.

Am I badly disappointed?
Not really. Heck, I nailed a new PR this season and I'm happy with that.

Did I make some mistakes in todays race?
You bet I did. It's my objective to share it with you so you can learn from my lack of proper decision making.

I'll share it all in the race report as soon as I get it completed.


  1. Using my inference skills I'm guessing your race was similar to my last marathon when I realized 16 miles in that I was running a 3:30 pace (my goal was 3:40) and then end was going to consist of a whole lot of thrashing and bashing and not in any good kind of way.

  2. Sorry you didn't get the PR you were looking for, but like you said you've already got a PR this season and you still finished under 4 which is something I'm sure I'll never see :)!

    I am looking forward to the full race report though!

  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate the support.

    You are both right though, and I am keeping it in perspective, and have learned a couple of things in the process. I guess that's a good thing.

    In the meantime, the race report will be humorous, I promise that !

  4. I'm sorry you didn't PR at this race, but I can't wait to read the the race report!