Friday, February 25, 2011

50 Miler Training Plan

I have finally finished developing my training plan leading up to my 50 miler in August. I've got a few 50k races and a trail marathon to run before that August race, and this plan will put me in prime shape for all of the races. least, it should.

I'm pretty confident I can follow the plan pretty closely and it should make a solid contribution to my performance in the late summer. least, it should.

1rest73x6rest7 pace14~41
2rest73x6rest7 pace15~42
3rest74x6rest7 pace16~44
4rest74x6rest7 pace18~46
5rest85x6rest7 pace20~50
7--4x6rest3 hour4 hour~60
8rest84x6rest3 hour4 hour~60
9rest84x6rest2 hour1 hour~40
10rest84x6rest3 hour4 hour~60
11rest84x6rest3 hour4 hour~60
12rest84x6rest5 hour4 hour~75
13rest84x6rest5 hour4 hour~75
15rest83x6rest2 hour2 hour~50
16rest83x6rest1 hour2 hour~30
17rest363331 hour~24
Race weekrestrestrestrestrestRACErest54+


  1. AAHH! I want to hear more confidence. From what I have read over the past couple months, you are one hell of a runner. Don't let the last marathon get you down. You will do fine!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Mike. I really do appreciate the pep talk. I feel like a wandering soul right now. I'm going to the couple of 50k's and the 50 miler, but marathon season (for me, at least) is over until Fall. That always bums me out. Ultras are a different animal altogether, and training for them is just not the same. It's no less enjoyable, but it is different.

    Thanks again for the good words. You guys honestly do rock.

  3. Whew - that is a lot of running! You can do it!!! I love how the schedule is based on running for xx hours instead of xx miles towards the end. I haven't looked at many ultra plans, is that typical? I kind of like the idea of it.

  4. Wow - that is an impressive plan and I know you can do it for sure. A lot of your weekly miles are well over half of a month of mileage for me :)!

    Keep your chin up - you have a lot of great things to look forward to this year and it'll be marathon season again before you know it :)!

  5. Karen - Thanks for the note. Yeah, this is a pretty common layout for an ultra training plan. Since "speed" really isn't as much of a consideration in a 50 miler, training really tries to focus more on acclimating you to "time on your feet". That's what ultimately will have the most benefit for you.