Thursday, December 30, 2010

Uh, Greg.. I thought this was a taper???

Second post for the day, but it's relevant...

So, this is taper period right? 

My trainer/coach doesn't seem to understand that, apparently. I pulled out my training plan that Greg McMillan ( created for me, and I fully expected to see todays workout consisting of something akin to "75-85 minute recovery/easy run".
Not so much.

Instead, Greg threw in a nice, 10 mile tempo interval session that literally kicked my $**()#*%$) halfway down the street and back. Here's the lowdown as I found it in my inbox:

30 min warmup @ 8:30 pace
3 x 2000m @ sub 5k pace
  w/ 2:30 recovery @ 8:45 pace
3 x 40 sec @ 6:45-6:55 pace
  w/ 1 min recovery @ 8:45 pace
20 min cooldown @ 8:50 pace

Lucky for me it was nice and cool out there, because by mile 4, I was flat humping it. I haven't had an interval session like that in months, and he saves it for 10 days before race day??

My running coach that pummels me with 3x2000m tempo
repeats @ sub-5k pace the week before a marathon !!!!
Thanks Greg. The marathon plans you've prepared for me in the past have been epic feats of endurance, suffering and toil, but they have never failed me on race day. I don't doubt the results of your plan, but crap dude, I sure would have appreciated a bit of advanced warning about today's torture session.

And now, my fatigued, sore and limp body is able to type, but nothing else.

(I did take a peek at tomorrows session -)

"60 minute recovery run"


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  1. Wow - that's a killer...and here I've been slacking the last few days because of late work hours....Guess I'd better kick up a notch tomorrow :)!

    Great job completing this one and have fun on your recovery run tomorrow.