Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas comes early

I had a very nice 20 miler early this morning, and it has placed a nice cap on my training season for the Disney marathon. I ran it at marathon pace (MP) + 20 seconds. It was noticeably harder effort than a normal long run, but I wanted to run it harder to get the final confidence vote that I needed going into 2 weeks before race day.

All in all, a great run on a beautiful day, and I can now enter taper period and give the 20 milers a rest.
At least, that's my plan for now.

Ho Ho Ho


  1. Awesome job on the last 20 miler. Now remember to listen to your own advice and follow the taper through. Go in to the races rested and refreshed and your goals will be golden!

  2. Good luck on the Disney marathon!