Friday, October 29, 2010

Lookin for some new kicks

I have completely trashed my #1 rule of running:

"Never run in shoes that have over 350 miles on them."

How badly have I violated Rule #1?

562.5 miles (as of lunchtime today)

Yeah, the Nike LunarFly+'s are about ready to be led out to pasture. But darn, they are so comfortable, I just hate to stop running in them.

Hasn't everyone had a special pair of running shoes that you just KNOW your feet were made for? I can't think of many others I've had in the past, but this pair of LunarFly's are absolute BUTTER.

I know what you're saying, and you're right; I can go buy another pair, true. But how many times have you gone out and bought the EXACT same shoe, brought it home, put it on, and realized that it felt completely different than it's cousin, the worn-out pair? Sounds stupid, I know, but I'm just reluctant to do it.

Another problem I'm having is this: I'm running the Disney Marathon on Jan 9, and right now I have no training shoe to run it in. All of my Asics Kayano's and 3120's have over 450 miles on them, so I've got to do something here to score a pair of shoes to run the race in. New pair of the LunarFly's? Not so fast...

The "Fly's" are technically a neutral racing shoe. They have absolutely zero support in them, yet are light as a feather. I can run pretty fast in them during a 5k, 10k, even a half marathon.

BUT, they're not meant to be worn for a full 26.2 miles. They weren't designed for that, and my feet weren't designed to run without any support for that kind of distance either. That's the biggest reason I haven't gone out and bought another pair of them. I've got to find a shoe that is light, yet stable enough to run the marathon (and 3-4 more marathons I'm planning on running between Jan 30 and Apr 1).

I bought a pair of the Nike LunarGlide's a few weeks ago, but I haven't been able to get too excited about them either. They're lighter than a standard training shoe, but still weigh in around 11+ ounces. Not heavy, but alot heavier than the 6.5 ounces I've been used to for the past 550 miles.

Any peeps out there have a favorite racing shoe that is light underfoot, yet still providing basic support? Let me know what you're running in these days because I've got to get something lined up so I can get them broken in by Jan 9.

Guess I could just run barefoot...


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  1. I know what you mean about a comfy pair of shoes and buying the same brand again and having bad luck. Just going through that right now in fact. Six weeks before the Goofy - not what I wanted to be dealing with.