Sunday, June 13, 2010

Running on the surface of the Sun

I can barely hear the words coming out of my iPod Nano as I cruise along around 2:05 PM on Saturday afternoon. I"m out for a leisurely 8 mile training run, and the only sound I can hear is the "squish-squish" sound of 2 inches of sweat that now resides in the bottoms of  my Nike LunarFly racing flats. It's just that HOT.

Summer has always been a favorite time to run for me. With the boys out of school, I am able to have an extra hour or so in the early mornings for training runs, and that's a nice thing to have. Also, the heat feels bearable on some of my favorite running courses around the countryside, as some of them are pretty well shaded. 

But, not here and not today.

There are about 2 spots along this route in my neighborhood in which trees hang over the road enough to provide a brief shade respite from the ravages of the 98 degree heat and 94% humidity. Even for me, that's pretty oppressive.

Ooh, on a side note, I picked up a new pair of kicks this weekend. My newest Asics 2150's came in about a month ago, and they just haven't felt good at all. They are too darn stiff and hard in the midsole and my feet just hurt after running in them. I watched the Runners World review of them after I purchased them, and the reviewers said the same very thing. Too hard on the feet, which is surprising to me.

So, the 2150's are going back to RoadRunnerSports, and in their place I found a very "new" thing for me and I still have trouble believing that I'm actually wearing them.

Nike LunarFly Trainers.  

Feel like butter and weigh absolutely nothing at all. Obviously, I won't train in these for 20 mile long runs (yet:)) but for midweek runs, they are going to be sweeeet. I'll tell you more about how they hold up as I progress and get a couple hundred miles on them. We'll see...


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  1. Sorry to hear the Asics weren't a success, but those Nike Lunarfly's look impressive :)!

    It's tough to get runs in during that heat and humidity. Congrats for getting out there and doing it!