Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Encouragement for my fellow runners

Over the past few weeks, I've been reading a fair number of blogs by fellow runners. I'm a firm believer in the ability for us to gain perspective, motivation, inspiration, etc. from the experiences of other runners. I couldn't begin to tell someone how many times I get a shot in the arm by stumbling across a  blog in which the blogger took the time to talk about his/her running.

Having said that, over the past few weeks I have noticed a steady theme among several (and I mean SEVERAL) runners' blogs, and that common theme is...

That's a powerful word, isn't it? It's one that is familiar to us all, runner and non-runner alike. With the myriad of things that go on during the course of daily life, running sometimes takes a back seat in terms of our daily priorities. Sometimes in especially busy/hectic times, it HAS to take a back seat. 

Not being able (or sometimes, willing) to put in the work to reap the rewards of exercise can definitely lead you to feel frustrated with yourself. I've felt it many times before myself. It's completely natural.

As a runner, you need to accept the fact (and it IS a fact) that "life" is going to get in the way sometimes. I know, I know...you have a marathon slated for later this year, and "...I've GOT to get my weekly mileage in, or ...".
Stop right there.

Give yourself a break for a second, and remember that life will get in the way sometimes, and you just have to get through it. If your exercise regimen has been lacking or completely gone altogether, you can't do anything to redo it now, but you CAN start fresh tomorrow. 

In situations like this, I sit down with my training plan and make the changes needed that will allow me to accomplish my training in the time remaining before my major race. Try it. Be realistic about what you need to get done in training, and lay it out on a new schedule. Doing this will take your mind off the fact that your schedule was impossible to follow previously, and puts it in a constructive, forward-looking stance that will help you.

Don't worry about your fitness gained or lost over the past weeks/months. You weren't born with that same fitness level, right? You built it up originally when you started running, and you can build it again. Don't sweat it, seriously. Make a committment today that you will start taking each single day as it's own goal.

"What can I do TODAY?"
"What is my exercise plan for TODAY?"
"When can I get it done TODAY?"
"What food choice will I make TODAY?"

Focus on NOW, not what didn't happen last Thursday, last week or last month. It's gone. Accept it, take control of it, and move on down the road toward your goal. Get serious and get committed to doing your work, ONE DAY at a time, and you WILL get there.

You CAN do it.
Now, GO do it.

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  1. Great post. I certainly have been there the last few months. I did exactly that - revised the training plan. It reaffirmed that I can still reach my goals, if I revise them a little bit. Now I'm getting back on track and will be the better for it.