Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Short sleeves and pet peeves

Imagine my incredible sense of euphoria when I heard the extended weather forecast for Georgia. Sunny skies beginning on Wednesday and continuing throughout the weekend. Not only that, folks, but increasing temps also on tap for the area. By Sunday, the forecast is for a glorious 70 degrees !! Yes --- short sleeves again !!! (actually, I haven't stopped wearing them  :))

Words really can't convey how excited I am at the realization that Spring, longer daylight and higher temperaturs are all drawing near. For those of you living in the deep freeze of the Northeast, Northwest or just plain Northern portions of the United States, well...what can I say?... I'm sorry for your continued suffering and forced hibernation. I'm glad we're coming out of the deep freeze starting on Sunday!

On the subject of pet peeves, I was reading some blog posts about this weekend's Disney Princess Half Marathon, and it reminded me of something. I honestly don't know why I started thinking about this, but honesty compels me towards full disclosure, so here goes:
Why do so many runners/joggers/walkers at Disney-sponsored races travel in clusters of 8-10 (or more) during the race, and congest the entire lane? Don't they understand that walking/jogging 6 abreast makes it very difficult (and dangerous) for faster runners to pass on the left? Do they even care about this?

I feel better now.

And no, I don't need an answer to that last one....

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  1. Because courtesy is for other people obviously....That is actually a pet peeve of mine as well. It's not just faster runners that get annoyed by not being able to get around a group of people. Unfortunately, I've seen this at more than just Disney sponsored races. People just don't have a lot of common courtesy I guess.

    Glad to hear the weather is getting better for you. Yeah, for short sleeves.