Thursday, February 4, 2010

Big Bowl 'O Smiles

Have you ever wondered what it would be worth to people if you could somehow bottle up the immense pleasure that we runners get after a great workout? I mean, what price would someone be willing to pay in exchange for that incredible sense of accomplishment, the pride of knowing you just spent yourself completely during that last stride to the driveway, the feeling of invincibility.. what would it be worth?

A lot.

I just got through with a measly little 4 + mile pickup that I was able to grab since my wife and our 3 boys were in bed asleep, and it amazes me how such a short investment of time, energy and sweat can yield such incredible returns. With the current economic uncertainties that abound throughout our global financial markets (thank you, Mr. President), it seems to me that running really does offer the absolute best return on your time and energy investment.

And, much like the market, the returns you can realize through running simply multiply over time.

Happy investing, everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Very true! I do love the feeling of a good workout, especially when I start out not wanting to workout.